Build your brand beautiful.

Beauty is in the big picture and in the smallest details. At Ethos, we create innovative solutions and compelling strategies that help boutique businesses in the beauty, wellness and lifestyle space think on a grand scale, as well as enable larger brands to think, look and act more disruptively.


We Believe

Beauty is the base.

It's the starting point and the link between wellness and lifestyle. It’s what attracts consumers, moves them and, ultimately, motivates them.



We Believe

Wellness is the fuel.

Take care of the vessel, and the whole body will reap the rewards. Fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and spirituality play key roles in fueling today’s beauty rituals.



We Believe

Lifestyle is the way.

Designing a purposeful surrounding, a positive outlook and creative healthy habits is how beauty moves outside of the self. These environments and experiences give consumers a place to grow, explore and embark on a journey to fulfilled, beautiful living.


About Ethos

We are not just brand builders; we are brand architects. We craft strategic blueprints, build frameworks to establish clear brand identities, and lay out strategies forward that lead clients to innovative, memorable products and brands. Whether you need Vision, in the form of business and brand strategy; Execution of identity, packaging and digital; or Management, including ongoing creative support and metrics reporting; we provide the elements needed to create and convey your brand’s fundamental spirit and inform its best practices for success.


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