Brand Now is a dynamic agency with over 20 years of experience engaging exceptional minds to uncover valuable insights, create innovative new products and deliver truly exceptional results to its clients.


Consumers are the stakeholders of your brand. However, most consumers do not possess the insight or foresight to express deep-seated needs or envision breakthrough product solutions. Our global pool of Creative, Consumer and Visionary Masterminds has the ability to articulate insights and craft solutions at a level that typical consumers simply cannot.

Inspiration needs leadership. With extensive knowledge across consumers and categories, we are experts at identifying specific areas of opportunity that create essential strategic discipline and creative vision for our Mastermind groups. We utilize proprietary brainstorming and qualitative techniques that make every session fresh, focused and incredibly productive. 

Ideas are not solutions. Uncovering meaningful insights and generating fresh ideas are crucial to a project's success, but they are not the final step. Our exceptional results come from how we synthesize and optimize consumer output to deliver new product solutions that score highly with consumers and exceed clients' expectations.



Consumer Masterminds

We select these exceptional consumers to uncover insights and optimize concepts because they articulate needs, trends and benefits on a level that far exceeds ordinary focus group output.

Creative Masterminds

When we are looking for exciting innovation, meaningful positioning and fresh naming solutions, we bring in creative professionals who are extremely imaginative and always prolific.



Brand Now features two unique entities: Brand Now is the flagship for strategy, innovation and concept development, and our new Design Lab division that creates visual identities, packages, and designs.

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Concept Development

Consumer Co-Creation

Consumer Insight Development

Corporate Ideation


New Product Development

White Space Innovation

3D Rendering

Brand Identity

Graphic Design


Package Design


Marketing Materials

Structural Design

Website Design


The Master Behind the Masterminds

LYNN ALTMAN  //  President & Founder

Lynn knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a great new product, with over 400 new product and branding projects completed for more than half of the Top 100 Global Brands, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, McDonald’s, American Express and UBS. She has also done extensive work in the financial, CPG, beauty and pharmaceutical industries with companies such as Capital One, Bank of America, Dial, Nestlé, L’Oréal, and Wyeth. Lynn is also the author of Brand It Yourself: The Fast, Focused Way to Marketplace Magic, has been interviewed on nationally syndicated radio shows and has appeared on CNBC’s On The Money and ABC’s News Now.